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Yeah Bunny 2: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Yeah Bunny 2 is the latest tough platformer for the iOS and Android platforms, the sequel to the original Yeah Bunny. Your character auto-runs in this game, and your goal is to control your jumps, stomp on the heads of enemies, collect carrots and stars and other goodies, and more. Read on for some tips, hints, tricks, strategies, and cheats for Yeah Bunny 2!

You’ll get an extended enough tutorial right at the beginning of the game, but it’s good to remember all that you can do throughout each level. Remember that you can double-jump, you can jump off of walls, and you can slide slowly down walls by not hitting anything on the screen. Simple controls; it’s the level design that can be hard to master.

The level design is straightforward early on, but you have multiple paths to follow once you get to level 3 or 4, and the levels only get more complicated as you move forward. Explore all parts of the level in order to collect everything that you can. Collect carrots and especially collect stars. You can replay levels as many times as you want in order to collect all of the stars for a particular level.

When you go to the map you’ll see all of the levels that you have beaten, plus one locked level. Tap on the locked level and one of the options will be to play the previous level to unlock it. Tap on that option, beat that level, and you’ll be able to play the next level; repeat again and again to make it through multiple levels, and eventually, every level.

You’re going to need a certain amount of stars to unlock each level. If you have one or two stars on a level, go back to it and play it again to look for more stars. Look for paths that you either didn’t see or that you saw but didn’t follow before; these are where you’re most likely to find more stars.

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Right now, there is not a whole lot to spend your coins and carrots on. Wait until further along in the game, and more stores will pop up. Also, wait until the developers add more stuff to the game; with each successive update that they release, more new levels and more goodies, such as stores and new characters, will pop up.


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