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Mr Jump World: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Mr Jump World is the sequel to the iOS and Android platformer that has frustrated players for the better part of four years. This one keeps the core gameplay of the original but adds a number of changes to the scoring system and other elements. You have two worlds with a huge amount of levels, and your goal is to earn three stars per level, unlock all worlds, and take on some of the hardest challenges this side of the first game. Read on for some tips, tricks, hints, cheats, and strategies for Mr Jump World!

In this game, your goal is to get three stars per level, unlike in the first Mr Jump, where your goal was to get to 100 percent completion. To get three stars, you have to collect all of the coins on a level, which is often extremely difficult to do. If you earn less than the full amount of coins in a level, you’ll earn either one star or two stars, depending on how many coins you collect.

Just like in the first game, your character runs automatically, and you control the jumps. The longer that you press down on the screen, the longer that Mr Jump will jump for. So if you only need to do a short jump, tap the screen very lightly, but if you need to do a longer jump, then hold your finger down on the screen instead in order to do a longer one. You’ll need to vary the size of your jumps in order to collect every coin and earn all of the stars on many levels.

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Collecting all of the necessary coins for the three-star score can be a nearly impossible task on some levels, but just winning is far easier than earning three stars. All that you have to do is get to the finish tile. Collect as many coins as you can on the way. Earning two stars is very easy to do; collect more than half of the coins and you’ll have the score in the bag.

You can unlock World B once you get 50 stars on World A. To get to the 50 star mark quickly, your best bet is to beat new levels as quickly as possible and settle for two-stars on most instead of trying to squeeze three stars out of levels. Once you get to 50, you’ll unlock World B, which is mostly harder to beat, but easier to three-star than World A.

You can skip whatever level you want to. Just hit the skip button after you die, and an ad video will play; when it’s done you’ll be able to play the next level after it. Of course, you won’t earn any stars for watching a video to skip a level; if you want to earn stars, you have to go back and play the level.


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