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Merge Bakery: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Merge Bakery is a new idle game for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to merge foods in order to create new foods, and then use the foods to serve the customers in your bakery. You can merge more and more foods to increase your coin earnings and to keep up with the more advanced demands of your customers, so that you can earn likes, coins, gems, and more. Read on for some tips, hints, strategies, cheats, and tricks for Merge Bakery!

You have to drag the food over to your customers to earn coins and likes, just like in many other bakery and restaurant games (Diner Dash comes to mind). Unlike those time management games, though, this one is not a time management game, so customers will never run out of patience and you will never be dinged for taking too long to feed a customer. So you can feed them as quickly or as slowly as you want to or can.

You can only feed a customer a specific kind of food if you have it on a plate, though; if you merge it away, you’ll need to merge toward it again in order to bring it back to your repertoire. Sometimes, a customer will request a food item that you haven’t even made yet; typically, that’s the next food in line for you to merge. Just check the number on it to confirm it; if it’s food 8 and your top food so far is 7, then merge two 7’s together to get an 8.

Whenever a balloon passes by, you can tap it in order to pop it. When you tap it, you can claim the reward, which is three mystery boxes, by watching the associated ad video. If you don’t have an internet connection or you don’t feel like watching the ad video, then alternatively, you can just pop the balloon. The boxes will contain better and better pastries as you get further into the game and your maximum unlocked pastry levels up.

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Tap on the thumbs up icons generated by your customers to gain experience for your bakery. As you level up you’ll gain more plate slots, bonus coins, and upgrades to your bakery. The upgrades will allow you to seat more customers and will also generate more coins per customer that you serve.

When you unlock the mission list, you’ll be able to complete both standard and daily mission lists. Each completed mission will earn you free gems, which can triple your offline income whenever you come back from a long layoff. Complete all the daily missions, and you’ll earn free mystery boxes without having to watch ads, as well.


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