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Merge Food: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Merge Food is a new iOS and Android game where you play as a chef who merges food together to make new food, serves it to customers, and makes a ton of money off of it. You can load up on cash and gems, hire a bunch of new chefs and make a bunch of new food, and earn a whole bunch of restaurant awards in the process. Read on for some tips, cheats, strategies, hints, and tricks for Merge Food!

Your most basic form of upgrading, of course, is to merge various types of food together in order to make new foods. Each time that you unlock a new type of food, a new food will be unlocked in the store, and the new food will make you far more money when you stick it on the track in order to serve it to customers.

If you want to make the most money possible while you are offline, fill up every spot on the food track. All that matters is that one of your foods makes you a ton of money; even if you have to stock the rest of it with lower level foods, you’ll still get a good sizable bonus when you have all of the spots on the food track filled up. Fill up your food track when you’re about to go offline for a long period of time, especially.

Tap on the gmail logo whenever you see it for all kinds of bonuses that can be unlocked by watching ad videos. One of the bonus givers is Huda Katten, who will give you golden trays, which contain more upgraded food than the regular trays. Others will give you bonus multipliers for a small amount of time. You can get a smaller version of the same bonus if you reject the ads, as well.

Tap on the newspaper icons whenever they pop up on the map, too. Newspapers contain all kinds of restaurant rewards, which give you a bunch of text to read, but above all, they give you free gems. Collect as many of the free gems as you can, unless you are so loaded from buying gems that they don’t matter to you.

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As you rack up the gems, go to the chefs menu of the upgrade area and collect all of the chefs that you can. Each time that you buy a new chef, all of their rewards will apply to you, so if you end up purchasing all chefs, you’ll get all of their boosts. Ramsy is only accessible by purchasing the VIP subscription, but the rest of them can be purchased with gems.


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