Bear’s Restaurant: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Bear’s Restaurant is a surprising new iOS and Android game by Daigo Sato that is driven almost entirely by story. Sporting Sega Genesis-style pixel graphics and gameplay reminiscent of a console game, your goal is to make your way across this rather unsettling story.

You take orders via memory shards and serve food in Bear’s Restaurant, which is in heaven, and in the process, you can take a dive into the memories of your customers to learn more about who they are and how they died.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Bear’s Restaurant!

There is no complication to serving food here. Talk to the customer to take their order, and they will give you a memory shard. Take it to Bear and he’ll make their requested food. Take the food to the customer and they will eat it, then disappear.

Some customers will request something extremely specific, such as oden or omelettes from a specific food stand or a family member. To figure this one out, you have to dive into their memory by talking to them a second time. Explore around their memory until you find the recipe.

Once you have their memory shard, and the day is done, you can go back to your bedrooms. You can, of course, change and go to bed, but first, you might want to sit at your desk with the memory shards. Dive in and you’ll see how your customer of choice passed away.

At any time, you can go to the train station. Once you’re in, you can talk to any customer that you have previously served. Talk to them and pick from the conversation options to get little bits and pieces of who they are and what they know.

When you first start your day, there will be a man in black who never decides what to order. Once the last customer of the day sits down, the man in black will disappear. That’s how you know it will be time to take the dive and find a specific food.

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