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My Hotpot Story: Theater Guide – How To Unlock and use the Theater

My Hotpot Story has a number of different areas that you can unlock and turn into part of your restaurant. One of these areas is the theater, which adds a significant amount of size to your restaurant, as well as a significant amount of interest. How can you unlock the theater though, and what can you do with it? Read on to find out!

You need to raise your restaurant rating at enough before you can unlock the theater. Your restaurant reading, of course, is based on your facility rating, food rating, and service rating. Once you upgrade all three of these to the point where you make it to Silver 1, then you will be able to unlock the theater.

You won’t have it right away, though. You have to go to the shop, go to the theater tab, and then click the link to clean the theater. This will cost 388,888 coins, but you will be able to claim a 500,000 coin quest completion prize in return. Now that that’s done, you can start adding furniture to your theater.

Your first priority should be to add tables to your theater, so that your customers can eat there. After you do that, then you can start with the decorations and other types of furniture, but the tables should always come first. You will have two tables to begin with, and then once your restaurant reaches Silver 2, you will unlock two extra tables that you can add to your restaurant.

Once the theater is cleaned, you will be able to unlock all sorts of new staff members. This includes waiters and other service people who serve specifically in the theater, or even just people who you had to wait until Silver 1 to unlock.

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Surprisingly, the actors are not the most important staff members that you can unlock. The actors will increase the amount of income that the theater makes per customer, and they will give you a chance to have a huge boost every once in a while, but you can still have the theater and let it run without the actor if you so choose to.

The Mystery Dancer, though, is one of the rarest staff members that you can get. You cannot purchase her using a micro transaction, diamonds, coins, or anything else. You have to win her by playing the lottery, winning lucky points, and then redeeming those lucky points for her.

This is an extremely expensive proposition, but it is arguably worth it, because once you unlock the mystery an answer, she will raise your staff rating by 200 points in one shot. This will make it far easier to increase your restaurant raving to Silver 3 or Gold 1.

Your actors will not appear on stage all the time, but they will show up some of the time. When you do see them, they will be on stage doing various actions, such as talking or playing music. If you see what looks like an angry thought bubble over their head, it just means that they’re talking or performing.