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Lonely Survivor: Best Hero List and Character Guide

Lonely Survivor is a consistently popular survival roguelike for the iOS and Android platforms, and one of the things that this game brings to the table is a wide variety of characters. Contrary to the name, your survivors aren’t so lonely anymore with the sheer volume of characters that have been added to the game over the course of its life, and the developers are constantly adding more characters, as well. This can make it difficult to figure out who the best characters are, but we can help you with that.

Read on for a list of the best heroes, and why they are the best, in Lonely Survivor! (Most recent hero added: Lucifer)

As follows, here is a list of all of the heroes in the game, and what their various traits and abilities are:

Ruby is your starting hero. Her special ability is that she gains 2% more experience throughout each level, and gains one point of attack power every time she levels up within the stage.

Boney is the next hero in line. Her special ability is fancy skeleton, which causes her to lunch skulls out and do damage to a few enemies every time 300 enemies are defeated.

Jason is one of the newer heroes in the game. His special ability is Wicked Frenzy, which releases a wave that sweeps out every enemy on the screen every time he knocks off 300 enemies. In addition, for every 250 enemies defeated, he gains frenzy status, which increases attack by 5% and damage reduction by 5%, stackable up to six times. Every time he takes a hit, he loses two stacks.

Clownie has a special ability called Shadow Walk. This makes it so that every 15 seconds, she becomes invincible for three seconds at a time. After she comes out of invincibility status, she will do damage to nearby enemies.

Jack is a hero with a pumpkin for a head. His special ability is Boom Candy, which throws out pumpkin candy every 10 seconds, and if an enemy steps on it, it explodes, dealing damage in a wide area of effect.

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Lv Bu is another hero, based off of the Chinese general from the three kingdom’s. His ability is Invincible Black Dragon, which bestows invincibility status if he doesn’t take damage for 20 seconds, and also increases attack and crit. If he gets hit while invincible, he loses invincibility status, but releases a giant black dragon that deals wide swaths of area damage.

All of the base statistics of the heroes are within just a few points of each other, and these stats are boosted heavily by leveling them up and by equipping them with rare weapons and equipment as well, so these don’t really play into which hero is the best or the worst.

As follows, a list of all of the heroes from worst to best, and why:

Boney is the worst one, because her special ability includes no statistical boosts, and does very little damage; and also tends to take a while to activate.

Ruby is the second worst one, because even though her special ability includes stat boost, there are no additional attacks included with it.

Jack is next in line. His special scale delivers occasional large areas of damage, but it’s not as large as some of the other heroes do, and there are no statistical boosts associated with it.

The next best hero is Clownie. Her special burst allows her to turn invincible for three seconds at a time, which is extremely useful in situations where you are facing large mobs and need to make an escape.

The third best hero is Lv Bu. His special attack of the old large amounts of damage to a large range of enemies, although it takes longer to activate than special attacks from other heroes do.

The second hero is Jason. His special attack deals the largest area damage of all, and activates pretty frequently as well; in addition, his statistical boosts are significant, although you have to avoid taking damage in order to reap the benefits.

The best hero is Lucifer. He has multiple special attacks, including firing off missiles that pierce through every possible enemy. In addition, he has the ability to freeze every single enemy on screen for three seconds at a time, every 30 seconds. Finally, he is also a very fast mover, making him massively effective for escaping.