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The Walking Dead: Road To Survival – How to get rare, ultra rare and elite (three, four, and five star) survivors

The Walking Dead: Road To Survival is a new RPG/city builder hybrid for the iOS and Android that allows you to collect all of the characters that you know and love (or hate) and use them to battle against walkers and rogue survivors. You can collect common, uncommon and rare characters, many being three, four or even five stars (these are the rare ones). Read on for some tips on how to get the rare characters!

First thing, and the easiest way to get more rare characters, is to head to the shop and spend what gold coins you have. If you have at least 250, you can get one character, but if you are a big spender (or a big finder) then you’ll be able to purchase far more characters than that – ten or more characters at a time.

Hit the road map once you unlock it, which happens at level 5. The road map consists of limited-time quests, which generally provide even better rewards than the main quests. Whenever the time runs out on one set of quests, a new set will begin, so keep looking through the road map quests for rare characters and rare tokens. Rare tokens are also found in the main quests.

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Compete in the raid battles against other players when there is a tournament going on. The more you win, the higher your rank goes, and the higher that you rank, the better your rank rewards will be. Keep on the lookout for tournaments so that you can spend as much time as possible playing them, for the purpose of earning better rewards.

The training ground is initially an excellent source of two-star fighters. Upgrade the town hall, and upgrade your training grounds with it, in order to enable the unlocking of better and better fighters. Once you hit upgrade level 11, you will be able to unlock rare characters rather than simply uncommon ones. The new training at level 14 will allow you to potentially get ultra rare (four star) characters too.

Keep an eye on the missions too, even though they can get a bit tough to track at times with the sheer number of them. Some of the missions will offer you rare characters as a reward for completion, while others will offer you rare survivor tokens, which, of course, can then be spent on rare characters.