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The Walking Dead: Road to Survival – Top 15 Tips, Tricks, Strategies and Cheats, Page 2

10) Keep your food and materials storages upgraded as high as possible, and if you need them to be upgraded more, upgrade your town hall so that you can unlock new upgrade levels. You’re going to need to build huge stashes of both, especially food so that you can train survivors and level them up. Those two things will make you go through food VERY quickly.

9) Later in the game, after you upgrade your training facility to level 11 and do all of the necessary research, you will be able to train 3-star survivors instead of just two-star survivors. Once you’re upgraded to level 14 and have done all of the necessary research, you will be able to train 3-star survivors with a chance at 4-star survivors coming out of the training ground.

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8) Be sure to join the highest level faction that you can find. The more 4-star and 5-star leaders they have that you can use as your helpers in battle, the better, as a very strong helper often makes or breaks the difference between winning and losing a really tough battle. This is especially true in the roadmap area and in the PvP battles against higher ranking players.

7) The roadmap area will consist entirely of zombie fights. To have a better chance at winning, equip all of your characters with weapons that increase their critical percentage, and if you can bring survivors whose rush skills cause a critical hit, the better. A critical hit on a walker is a headshot, and therefore is an instant kill no matter how powerful the walkers are.

6) Keep an eye on the missions, the daily missions and the achievements. They are some of the best ways to increase your player level (which is required so that you can unlock everything), as well as earn free gold coins, and a good extra boost in your food and your materials. Don’t claim the prizes, though, unless you actually have enough space for all of your food and materials.

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