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The Walking Dead: Road to Survival – Guide to leveling up and upgrading your characters, Page 2

Once you get a little bit further in the game, you’ll probably have a four- or five-star survivor or two in your lineup, and they take a TON of leveling up before they are ready to be upgraded. To make their level ups quick, upgrade your training camp to level 11 and do all of the necessary research, and you will be able to train 3-star survivors instead of just 2-star survivors. Now that you have a glut of them, use them as sacrifices.

Even better, once your training camp gets up to level 14, you will be able to train three AND four-star survivors. That means that you can use both of these star-ratings as sacrifice fodder, which will make the level-ups go EXTREMELY quickly, so much so that you’ll probably end up with a party full of four- and five-star max-level characters just waiting for an upgrade.

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Make sure that your storage for food stays as highly upgraded as possible, and that your collectors are upgraded as well. You’ll need to keep a ton of food around, because food is required in order to level up your characters. The more of them that you sacrifice, the more food that you will use.

If you only have a limited amount of food around, sacrifice your highest-star sacrifices only, and then wait on your lower ones until later. There is no difference in the price of a low star sacrifice vs a high star sacrifice – they all cost the same despite the gigantic gulf in experience points provided by them.

Watch out for special events and the missions which accompany them. The standard levels are good for items to upgrade a two or three star character. However, when it comes to the four and five-star characters, you will likely need to look in the special event missions, unless you have made it to extremely tough and late areas of the world map.

If you need to know where to get one specific item, go to the roster menu, then tap on the character you want to upgrade. Then tap on the icon that depicts one of the items, and you’ll see where it will appear. You’ll get general information on which areas the items will appear in. It will say something like “Found in area 5 and later. Especially area 8 and earlier” to give you an idea of what areas to put your focus into for a specific item.

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