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The Walking Dead: Road to Survival – Guide to leveling up and upgrading your characters

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival puts you in the shoes of the Woodbury crew, and your choices determine whether you become one of the good guys or the bad guys. Either way, you’re going to need to do a hell of a lot of leveling up and upgrading to your characters to keep up with the difficulty increases, as well as to successfully raid other players. Read on for tips on leveling up and upgrading characters in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival!

Leveling up your characters is simple. You pick one character to benefit, and then pick other characters as sacrifices. Once you sacrifice them, they disappear. To earn extra experience points from upgrades, it’s best to sacrifice characters of the same trait as the character who is getting the experience points. Use characters with the same persona (peacemaker, rebel etc) as sacrifices as well.

The higher the star rating of your sacrifices, the more experience the survivor who’s benefitting from the sacrifice will get. You’ll get a lot of common characters just through playing the game, but to level up far more quickly, you should always have your training ground running so that you can load up on uncommon characters. Uncommon characters give FAR more experience than common ones.

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An extra bonus when you level up with the same persona character is that there is a small chance of an instant upgrade. This applies whether that character has the same traits or not. The more same-persona sacrifices that you make at the same time, the higher the chance of an instant upgrade happening. This saves the trouble of having to level up to the maximum level first.

The maximum level will be 10 times the number of stars for the character in question. A three star character, for example, will max out at level 30. They may take longer to level up to the point of being able to upgrade, but for your trouble you will get a far more powerful character. Their higher stats will also allow them to continue being effective even prior to any upgrades.

To upgrade your character the traditional way (not with the upgrade chance brought on by the same persona characters), you need the character to be at the max level, first of all. There will be a specific set of items that you’re required to have for the character to upgrade, which can usually be found in random levels on the world map. Find the items and you can do an upgrade instantly. This will provide a massive stat boost, almost equivalent to a character whose rating is one star higher in rarity.

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