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The Walking Dead: Road to Survival – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is a new iOS and Android RPG by Scopely based on the comic series, and more loosely, the TV shows. There are RPG elements, city-builder and MMO strategy elements as you control your very own Woodbury crew, forge alliances and rivalries, try to build up your town to attract new refugees, gain food and materials (and gold coins) and raid other players’ towns. Read on for some tips and tricks for The Walking Dead: Road to Survival!

Gold coins are the premium currency of the game. As much as possible, never use them to speed up anything. Time is cheaper than money in this case. To get more gold coins for free, go to the missions tab and start looking through them in order to figure out what missions will give you gold coins. Others will give you materials, experience, weapons/items and food.

Don’t claim your food and materials rewards until you need them to actively build or upgrade something, such as your town hall. If you leave them unclaimed, they will be completely invisible to other players, who will be unable to steal them. As soon as you claim them, they will immediately become fair game, not to mention they will count against the maximum totals for each of your storages.

Each character and enemy has one of four traits, such as toughness or strength. It’s hard to remember which beats which, but think of it in terms of colors. Blue beats red, red beats green, green beats yellow and yellow beats blue. Or to think of it in elementals, water beats fire, fire beats plant, plant beats lightning, and lightning beats water.

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Even if your party is lacking in rare (three, four and five star) survivors, you can still power them up with rare weapons. Each character can equip any weapon that matches their type. Plus, use the level up option to sacrifice your common/unwanted survivors in order to power up your rare survivors, or at least the ones that you want to keep around more.

Your rush attacks (adrenaline rush) often make the difference between winning or losing a tough battle, so use them wisely. If you are getting close to the last wave of a battle, then save them until that wave begins. Then target the boss (tap on an enemy to target it), and unleash them one after the other to make short work of the boss.

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