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Viber Wonderball – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

Viber Wonderball is Viber’s attempt at following LINE into the world of game publishing, something at which LINE has been very successful. Wonderball is a Pachinko-esque game in which your goal is to knock out all of the relevant pieces, usually the red ones, score the most points possible, and to do so with the most balls left over. Read on for some tips and tricks for Viber Wonderball!

As you progess you’ll have different helpers whose powers will allow you to finish levels very quickly and with a lot of balls left over, making for some bonus points. For example, early on, if you hit the blue tile you will enable the character’s roar, knocking off all of the nearby red tiles.

The skill will change as you move on through the game. For example, the giant marble requires a whole hell of a lot of strategy to use it properly, but if you do, it’s often possible to clear everything out in one single hit.

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If you need to get extra lives right away because you lost lives (due to losing at a level), and you want to get lives back right away without waiting for the timer to count down, set the time ahead on your phone or tablet, by half an hour per life that you need to get back. If you don’t want to mess with the time, then use your Viber and start asking your friends for lives.

If you don’t want to bug your main Viber friends, you can get a second Viber account for games only and use that one to find people who play. If you want other people to add you then post a request for an “add me” on Facebook, or on the comments section of this page, or on the review sections of the App Store and Google Play.

Once you connect to Viber then you can get five free gems. Gems can be used to buy the power ups that you would otherwise have to hit the blue tiles in order to get. You can still get them from the blue tiles, you will just get extras. Save any power ups that you get for a really tough level that you’re stuck on. Don’t just use them right away.