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The Walking Dead: Road to Survival – Top 15 Tips, Tricks, Strategies and Cheats, Page 3

5) Don’t claim your food and materials prizes from the missions menu until you really, really need them. If they sit there unclaimed, then they cannot be stolen by other players. After you claim them, though, then they become fair game and can be stolen by any other player who beats you in battle. Leave them unclaimed for as long as possible.

4) If you already have a party full of rare players, especially if you have that level 11 or 14 training ground, then focus on spending your gold on weapons instead. A good weapon can majorly boost the attack power or other stats, turning a good survivor into an excellent survivor. Weapons can be equipped based on the trait of the weapon and the survivor.

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3) Want to get free gold coins? If you do, then go to the IAP menu but instead of making a purchase, hit one of the two buttons for free coins. One of them lets you watch advertisement videos in exchange for coins, while the other allows you to complete offers in exchange for coins. Keep at them and they’ll add up massively after awhile.

2) Keep your workshops upgraded and use them to craft battle items. These items can provide a huge boost especially in tough battles against boss characters. Craft enough goods and you’ll have enough that you don’t even have to save it during the regular battles. If you don’t use your workshop regularly, then be stingy with when you use the goods.

1) Auto-battle is fine for most battles, but if you are in a tough battle, especially in a roadmap battle loaded with walkers, take control yourself so that you can aim manually. The auto-aiming system is horrible and will aim at far away walkers just as often as it will aim at the ones that are close to you. You want to destroy the closest ones first because walkers can’t hurt you if they are not right next to you.

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