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Last War: Survival – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Last War: Survival is a wildly popular zombie survival game for the iOS and Android platforms that combines run-and-gun gameplay similar to what you commonly see in mobile game ads, in addition to MMORTS gameplay that is hugely popular on mobile platforms. In this game you fight against an endless array of enemy troops and zombies, build your own military base, build and repair the facilities, compete against other players on your server, and more. You can earn diamonds, food, iron, coins, and a lot more different kinds of resources, along with experience, while building the power of your base as high as you possibly can.

Read on for a collection of tips and cheats for Last War: Survival!

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In the run and gun levels, the gameplay is fairly simple, with your goal being to amass as many troops as possible, while avoiding any potential pitfalls and powering up as much as possible so that you can knock off all of the enemies on the screen. Always run through the option that will increase your troops the most or decrease your troops the least, and avoid any obstacles and pitfalls that could lead to a massive loss of troops.

In your base, as standard practice, try to construct every building that’s available to you, and always try to have an upgrade project going. When you run out of upgrades that you can add to your base, that’s when you know that it’s time to upgrade your headquarters. As you continue to upgrade your headquarters, you will also unlock new modes of gameplay within the game, such as the world map.

Aside from diamonds, every single resource in this game can be stolen by other players. For this reason, be sure to protect your coins, iron, and food, as well as other resources from other players, and one of the best ways to do this is to leave your task rewards unclaimed until you need them. Don’t just claim everything right away; unclaimed gifts cannot be stolen, but after they get claimed and added to your resource totals, then they are fair game.

Tasks are a great way to know how to move forward with the game and complete things in the right order, which can make it inconvenient to stop claiming the prizes, but if you want to still use tasks as a guide, then tap on the icon on the left side of each task in order to go to the task menu without actually claiming the reward. Then, you will be able to see the tasks that you have finished and that you have yet to finish, claim the ones that you want to leave alone the ones that you don’t, and use unclaimed ones in order to know what to do next.

There are always a ton of rewards to collect, and for the most part, an easy way to track them is to follow the red dots, because the red dots will appear next to any icon that either has something for you to collect or something for you to do that is free. Collect all of the free rewards to make the red dots go away, except for the one or two that require you to do more than just tap something.

You will find summoning tickets around as quest rewards and task rewards, and seemingly randomly, so be sure to go to the tavern as often as possible and summon as many heroes as you can. The more heroes that you summon, the more that you will be able to fill out your Troop lineup and gain an advantage in the outside exploration levels. Be sure to upgrade all of your heroes in order to increase their level and maximize your statistics, as well.

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