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Last War: Survival – Best Teams and Full Team Building Guide

Last War: Survival is a wildly popular zombie survival game for the iOS and Android platforms that combines run-and-gun gameplay similar to what you commonly see in mobile game ads, in addition to MMORTS gameplay that is hugely popular on mobile platforms. In this game you fight against an endless array of enemy troops and zombies, build your own military base, build and repair the facilities, compete against other players on your server, and more. You can earn a ton of heroes and add them to your party, with rarities from rare to epic to legendary and beyond, and upgrade them for a wildly powerful fighting combination, both against the computer and against other players.

You can configure heroes into a team, which consists of up to five heroes at a time. Building the absolute best team in the game is an art form, as there are literally millions of different configurations that you can choose from, but with a few principles, you can start figuring out which team is the best team for you.

Read on for a guide to building the best team in Last War: Survival!

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There are many keys to building the best team, and one key is to have an even spread between attack, defense, and support heroes. You have five total slots in your party, so your best bet is to go with two attack heroes, two defense heroes, and one support hero, because in general, The support heroes tend to be a little bit less useful than the other two types of heroes, and there are fewer elite support heroes. The most useful support heroes are the healers, though, so if you have a healer available, make sure to use them in your active party.

With all troops, but especially with attackers, active battle mode requires you to take into account the shape and style of each heroes attack. Your best bet is to put heroes with wide area damage in both the left and right corners, so that you have a wider range of damage that you can do to enemies. Put a high DPS hero in the middle, so that they can do massive amounts of damage once you hit the boss battle.

Hero rarity is also extremely important. You’re going to want the rarest heroes in your party, even if you have already significantly upgraded a hero with a lower rarity. Take equipment away from your heroes that are not as rare, and give it to your rare heroes. Be sure to focus on upgrading the levels of your rarest heroes, as well, so that they are the most useful in your active battle party.

Skills also make a massive difference in active battles. Each hero has three different types of skills that they can unlock, and occasionally, skills can be so effective that they can overcome deficiencies in stats. Conversely, sometimes a hero has such useless skills that they end up being virtually worthless, despite a seeming statistical advantage.

The best configuration differs between active battles and raids, which are entirely passive. With zombie raids, statistics matter more than skills or attack range, because the winner and loser of zombie battles are calculated by math alone. Additionally, you have a specific hero whose skill is to increase the amount of loot that you get from zombies, making her far more useful in zombie battles than in active battles.