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Last War: Survival – Best Heroes Guide and Tier List

Last War: Survival is a wildly popular zombie survival game for the iOS and Android platforms that combines run-and-gun gameplay similar to what you commonly see in mobile game ads, in addition to MMORTS gameplay that is hugely popular on mobile platforms. In this game you fight against an endless array of enemy troops and zombies, build your own military base, build and repair the facilities, compete against other players on your server, and more. You can earn a ton of heroes and add them to your party, with rarities from rare to epic to legendary and beyond, and upgrade them for a wildly powerful fighting combination, both against the computer and against other players.

There are tons of different heroes with different rarities and different combinations of skills, and we have grouped them into tiers, so that you know which heroes are the most useful and which ones are not. Even among the same rarity level, there are variances in heroes; upgrade levels can also effect this list, but this list assumes that each hero is at the same level of upgrading.

Read on for a tier list and guide to the best heroes in Last War: Survival!

S+-Tier (best tier):

DVA: Absolutely essential to have on your team, because she is the best attacker in the entire game at the moment. Her single-target skill does the most damage of any legendary, and her splash-damage attack deals huge damage to every single enemy on the screen. Being attack class, make sure to protect her with a tank, but she is strong in every category.

Marshall: While he might not seem amazing at first, his stat boosts to other heroes will make them absolutely unstoppable. His defense, damage, and HP are okay, but they’re not really the point of a support troop; it’s the boosts to the damage dealt by the other heroes that make him one of the best.

Murphy: Arguably the best tank/defender in the game. He strengthens the front row against damage, and especially physical damage, so use him to protect DVA and Marshall, among others.

S-Tier (next best):

Tesla: Next to DVA, Tesla is the best attacker in the game, with massive amounts of damage dealt to both single enemies and groups of enemies. One of the best attack type heroes to add to your team in the entire game, and his multipliers can cause his damage to skyrocket, as well.

Williams: Very high defense and HP, as well as defense buffs and reductions of damage taken by the rest of the team.

Sarah: She is up in this tier due to the lack of other support types in the game despite only being epic and not legendary, but she majorly buffs the back row’s hero damage, so you want her in the front row; you just want her in the front row with a tank, because she is not a good defender later on; however, she will also buff defense to her back row teammates.

Swift: No, his name is not Taylor, but he will help you tailor your offense with smart targeting. He automatically targets enemies with the lowest HP, which are often strong attackers, so even though he is an attack type, he can prevent your line from taking massive damage unnecessarily.

Schuyler: Not the Schuyler from Hamilton, but she blows up the back row with one of her skills, and her other skills are very strong attack-wise, and her stun secondary skill can make it easy to get some cheap shots off against rivals.


Scarlett: A strange combination of tank and attack types, she has very strong defense and skills that will buff her defense even further, as well as one attack skill that doesn’t suck. While she won’t help your other heroes much, she is one of the best for making a last stand after your other heroes bite the bullet.

McGregor: A tank who deals an unusually high amount of damage for a tank. His main strength is using taunting to draw attacks away from his teammates, which can get him knocked off too early, but if you upgrade him wisely, he can be a huge boost to your entire team and soak up loads of solo attacks from enemies.

Richard: Primarily an attacker and his base stats are undersized, but his skills are overpowered and can make him a force to be reckoned with as long as he has a tank to protect him.

Kimberly: She is primarily an area attacker; her splash damage skills can do massive amounts of damage to large groups of enemies, especially with upgrades and with multiple skills.

Elsa: Attackers will find that their strategies are Frozen if you play it right with her. She is a tank, and while she is slow, she increases defense for the entire front line, making her very useful.

Cage: Like Elsa, he is primarily a front line defender who can buff the entire line, and can hold his own with his skills, and is a bit faster than Elsa.

Mason: For being one of your earlier heroes, he’s a strong attacker who can stick around in the party for awhile, especially due to the early upgrades he is likely getting from being around for so long. A good all-around type who can stick around while you’re waiting to unlock better ones.


Venom: Great for nuking entire crowds of enemies, but honestly, not a whole lot else.

Violet: Both a good attacker and a good frontline defender early on, but once you get better heroes, she’s easy to kick out of the party.

Maxwell: Primarily an attacker with a good splash damage attack as his third skill, but his other skills pale in comparison to stronger heroes and to better defenders.


Carlie: Defends well against energy damage, but is not very useful against physical damage or as an attacker.

Monica: She is a high-damage-dealing support class hero, but not a very good supporter; she has a very specific use, which is against zombies on the world map, as one of her skills will increase the loot and resources that you get when you beat them.

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Blaz: He has decent base stats, but his skills are not that great. Easily replaced.

Farhad: His third skill is useful, but as an attacker, he’s not that good with any of his other skills.


Ambert, Kane, Loki, and Gump. They are rare tier, but they are close to useless, especially when you get literally any hero of any higher tier, especially epics and legendaries.