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Last Shelter: Survival – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Last Shelter: Survival is a new base-management game for the iOS and Android platforms. that combines Clash of Clans-style customization with Game of War-style map exploration and alliance gameplay. Your goal is to build a powerful base, fend off the zombie attackers, and to trade blows with other players as well, while earning gems, food, fuel, water, power and lumber. Read on for some tips and tricks for Last Shelter: Survival!

The first and most important thing is to always have an upgrade or some form of construction going on in your city. You start off with one construction truck, but around Chapter 4, you unlock a second one when you build a new garage. That second one will allow you to get your base upgrades done twice as quickly since you can do two at a time. Other trucks can be unlocked in conjunction with IAP packages.

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Additionally, the more military buildings that you construct, the more troops you’ll be able to train at a time. Train them by clicking on military buildings such as the barracks or the shooting range, then adding troops to the queue. Or tap on the little green soldier icon in the lower-left corner of the screen to automatically go to a military building that is not in use.

Stick with the quests for awhile, but don’t be afraid to deviate from them in order to power up your base extremely quickly. Tap on any building or building category that shows a number next to it, build what’s available, then when you exhaust all available buildings, go to the ones that are already on your map and start upgrading them. This will strengthen your base more expeditiously, plus quests will auto-complete since you’re doing what many of them require anyways.

Start off by battling against zombies, but battle against other players too. Some of the easiest players to raid are players who have seemingly abandoned their bases. You’ll be able to tell because when you scout them, they will never have new troops ready. Attack them constantly for maximum resource gains and minimum troop losses.

Join an alliance as soon as you possibly can. Even joining a random one is better than not being in one. Once in an alliance, help them out as often as possible, and they’ll help you out. If you have an embassy, other players can send you troops, and you can send troops to other players who have an embassy.