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GALAK-Z Variant Mobile: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

GALAK-Z Variant Mobile is a new space RPG and shooter for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal in this game is to quest through multiple levels, unlocking new segments of the story and figuring out various mysteries involving the Baron. You get a variety of ships and mechs, and your goal is to use them wisely to take down enemies and bosses and earn salvage and crash coins, while unlocking and purchasing all manner of upgrades. Read on for some tips and tricks for GALAK-Z Variant Mobile!

Switch back and forth between your mechs and your spaceships depending on what kind of attacks you want to play with. Mechs are good at the short-range melee attacks, while ships are good for the long-range attacks. Use the mechs’ special move (the toss) to take out multiple ships at once by tossing one ship into the other, while fighters can use special missiles to make short work of enemies.

Go back to old levels for farming in order to earn experience, salvage, relics, and other items. Salvage is the main currency of the game, and you can earn a fair bit of it by blowing up opponents, collecting free rewards, and beating levels. Head to the bolt-on store to buy some bolt-ons, and use them when you come across a tough level that you’re having issues beating on your own.

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Right from the beginning of the game, you’ll see bubble sacks and space flowers. Hit them with your sword and the pedals will stick to your shield if you’re using a mech. If you smack them at an enemy, they’ll stick and slow them down. Hit the bubble sacks and the bubbles will shoot out and do the same thing. These are especially useful if you are piloting a ship, rather than a mech.

Load up on bots and use them for the maximum possible boost that you can get. Take your rarest and strongest bots and sacrifice the weakest bots in order to power them up, but make sure not to waste so many bots that you no longer have a good variety of them. Take note of your bots’ traits and swap them around in order to deal with each level’s unique challenges. Bots can also be upgraded by grinding old levels and earning bot experience.

Wormholes are one of the best ways to unlock new bots and bonuses of other kinds. These don’t unlock until you hit player level 12, so level yourself up as quickly as possible in order to make that happen. Once you get to that level, prepare for a far tougher challenge than you face in the normal levels. But the tougher the challenge, the better the rewards are.