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Dragon Land – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Dragon Land is a new platformer for the iOS and Android, with almost a Crash Bandicoot-sequel feel, where you play as a succession of dragons, each with different talents, and your goal is to pass through a number of levels and challenges successfully. It’s far more like a console game than most 3D platformers for the mobile platforms have been thus far. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dragon Land!

Each stage has various challenges, and you will need to switch back and forth between dragons to use their abilities to get past different obstacles. Some dragons, such as Rocky, can climb up walls. Others, such as Blaze, can glide. Later on you will unlock different dashing, stomping, and wing flapping dragons as well.

When you run out of lives, or energy, you will have to wait until it comes back in order to be able to play again. If you want to get your lives back right away you have multiple options for free. One of them is to watch an advertisement video for a free heart. The other is to connect to Facebook. This will give you three free hearts. Once you are connected, you will then be able to ask other friends who play the game for more hearts.

Gems are the premium currency of the game. If you want to get some free gems, click on the gems area, then click “watch a trailer to get a prize” and a video will pop up. Watch it and you will get a free gem. Watch more of them to get even more gems – sometimes even more than one at a time. Some videos will earn you coins instead of gems.

You will need to upgrade dragons in order to keep going from level to level. If your hit points are too low you won’t be able to keep going. If you need to get more coins to upgrade, go back to old levels and play them again, earning all the coins that you can. You can earn a lot of extra coins by combo-jumping on enemies. That is, jump on multiple enemies without hitting the ground.

You can do standard upgrades to your dragons with coins, or premium upgrades with gems. Premium upgrades are the only ones that will upgrade your base stats, meaning that they will add to the improvement that you get whenever you do a standard upgrade, as well.

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