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Dragon Jump – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Dragon Jump is a new endless battle game by Ketchapp and Lemon Jam. The goal here is to jump and either Mario-stomp dragons or spear them by hitting them from below. Kill all of the dragons that you can and get the highest score that you can. You can also collect coins and purchase new outfits. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dragon Jump!

You get five coins every time that you get rid of a gold dragon, and ten coins apiece for beating the bosses. Another way to get coins is to watch an advertisement video for free coins. The button will appear after each stage, and as long as you have a data or WiFi connection at the time, you can tap it and watch an ad video.

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Every 100 coins that you earn is enough to purchase a new costume. The gameplay won’t change at all when you put on a new costume; your method of attack, and your attack power, will remain the same, as will your defense. All that changes is the appearance of your character.

The bosses can be rather difficult to beat, but it’s worth it due to the amount of points that they give you. Take it slowly when you’re fighting the bosses. Don’t rush to try to hit them too quickly or you’ll end up making mistakes and getting hit by dragons or weapons. Eventually after enough hits, the boss will finally be beaten.

Watch out for the speed increases that come with higher levels. They seem to happen every time you beat another one of the bosses. If you want to go back so that you can get a higher score from easier dragons, then delete the game and reinstall it and it will go back to the first boss, and slower dragons, making it easier to set high scores.

Take advantage of what happens after you jump off of a dragon or a weapon. If you hold the screen when you land on a dragon, then you’ll bounce off. If your finger is off the screen then you will simply fall straight down. Hold the screen or release the screen depending on what’s coming for you next.