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Dragons World – Building Guide: What do each of the buildings do?

In Dragons World, you can’t buy all of the buildings right away, but as you unlock them, you’ll be able to purchase them – albeit usually for quite a few coins. Before you unlock them, you will have no way of finding out what they do. This includes such buildings as the Training Center, the Magic Lab and the Dragon Resort. Read on to find out what all of the buildings do in Dragon World!

The Training Center is one of the first brand new buildings that you unlock. This one can only be used after your dragon reaches level 10. Once they do, you will be able to send them there in order to each them new moves in battle. This does not apply if your dragon is a non-battling dragon (doesn’t have a sword next to its picture in the store).

The Magic Lab will allow you to exchange level 10 dragons for essences. There are different types of essences for different dragons – for example, fire dragons produce fire essences. You can sell the essences for 50,000 coins each, or you can save them and spend them on various goods, such as rare habitats (especially the huge version of each habitat), and new islands such as the Rocky Island.

The Dragon Resort allows you to make space in your habitats by placing dragons in here. When dragons are in here, they won’t earn any coins or be able to battle. However, you can breed dragons even when your habitats are full, and then send them here until you gain another experience level and are able to purchase more habitats.

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The various amplifiers are used to increase the coin earnings of dragons, but only the dragons of the element that matches them (for example, the fire amplifier increases the earnings of the fire dragons by 10 percent). Each one of these will also decrease the earnings of any dragons of the opposing element (a fire dragon will drop the earnings of any water dragons)

The large greenhouse, of course, is fairly obvious by the name. You will be able to grow more food in here. You’ll still be able to grow the usual mushrooms, blackberries and pumpkins; however, other, longer-term jobs will be available, allowing you to spend even more gold to get even more food.