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Downhill Riders – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Downhill Riders is a new endless cart-racing game for the iOS and Android platforms starring some Youtube stars trying to race as far down a hill, as quickly as possible, without hitting any obstacles; or at least avoiding obstacles for as long as possible since hitting them is inevitable. You can collect coins and purchase other wheeled conveyances as well, for added fun and games. Read on for some tips and tricks for Downhill Riders!

It takes awhile to get used to the insanely fast pace of the running in this game, but there are some tricks to help you get used to it more quickly. For example, pay attention to the sides of the screen that obstacles tend to appear on. They will almost always alternate between left, right, left, right, so move over ahead of time in order to better prepare for the next obstacle.

Of course, be ready to jump as soon as you see something, because most obstacles can be jumped over. You can also switch sides while you’re in mid-air, so if you screw up and hit the wrong button, you can very quickly correct the problem by hitting the right button.

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Set a timer so that you can come back to the game every time that a free gift appears, as the free gifts are one of the best ways of earning coins. Be sure to collect coins within the game as well. Every 1,000 coins that you earn gives you enough money to purchase another vehicle from the store.

Each vehicle will give a different appearance, but none of them will perform any differently, except for the piggy bank. The piggy bank will speed up the collection of coins, because when you purchase it, all of your future coins will be doubled. Purchasing the piggy bank can be a more cost-effective alternative to purchasing other vehicles as it will help you earn them faster using in-game coins.

If you are getting frustrated, put the game down and then come back to it later. When you’re too jacked up on adrenaline the game can seem a whole lot more difficult but if you then come back to it later and play it again, it will seem a whole lot easier by comparison, due to the extra mental and muscle memory built up the last time that you played the game.