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Rude Racers!: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Rude Racers is a new combat racing game for the iOS and Android platforms featuring all sorts of gameplay modes from straight racing to beating up pizza boys, to deathmatches, in a race for motorcycles, new riders, weapons, and more. You can earn coins and trophies as you go, but you better keep your fuel high so that you can continue playing. Read on for some tips and tricks for Rude Racers!

Your goal is, of course, to win, as second place counts as losing in this game. To win, avoid hitting any obstacles, pull ahead of the competition, and whack them when you’re next to them. Hitting them will drain their energy one bar at a time, and send them backward. You have about a five second cool-down when you take a swing, so aim them well and don’t waste them.

If you are in the lead, never get too comfortable, because the competition will get faster. Also, if you are behind, don’t give up, because the competition will get slower. Like in Mario Kart 64, the rubber band effect keeps the races interesting. Whoever is behind will speed up, and whoever is ahead will slow down. So always remain vigilant even when you are ahead, and always be careful even when you are behind.

Races are the easy part. The pizza panic is one of the tougher modes in the game. Your goal here is to knock out more pizza bikes than your rival does, but your rival will also smoke you if you get too close, and the rubber band mode is in effect here. Your best bet is to wait it out until you get close to your rival, then smack your rival. Then continue smacking pizza boys for as long as you can until your rival catches up to you.

Before you start a level, you can choose either easy, normal, or hard difficulty. The harder the difficulty, the more coins you earn, but not the more trophies. You need trophies in order to unlock new characters, new bikes, and new weapons in the store, but you need coins to purchase them. Of course, if you lose, you get nothing, so pick the difficulty that you can win until you feel that you’re ready for the next higher difficulty.

When you have a stash of coins to spend, your best use for them is to either get a new quad or a new weapon. New riders change appearance but their performance doesn’t change at all. Better bikes come with better speed, armor, and handling ratings. Weapons come with different damage ratings and recharge speeds, and some special weapons give you special attack abilities.

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Tuesday 12th of April 2022