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Citytopia: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Citytopia is a new city-building game for the iOS and Android platforms that puts you in charge of building the biggest, richest, most beautiful city with help from houses, factories, and more. You can collect cards to get new buildings, collect currencies, build multiple types of factories and houses, and expand both horizontally and vertically to increase the size and power of your city. Read on for some tips, cheats, hints, strategies, and tricks for Citytopia!

The first tip, and this is one to follow right from the outset of the game, is to avoid spending money on multiple bread factories. Early on, houses will want a lot of bread, but space and coins will be scarce soon enough, which won’t stop your progress entirely, but will slow it to a crawl. Save coins so that you can use them to build new buildings once you earn their cards. Also, avoid decorations until you have more money than you know what to do with, because they have no practical uses in this game.

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With the first tip in mind, build new types of resource buildings and factories as soon as you can. The demand will appear for the new item immediately after construction is done, so you can max out your cash sooner. If you get an identical resource card, then upgrade your existing factory, and save space for the new resource factory cards so that you can build new resources.

When you do have a surplus of cards, expand upward before you expand outward. Space is far more scarce than money is, especially early on, so instead of building duplicates of the same building, start upgrading the current buildings and save space for brand new building types. Space also comes for free often when you level up, so you can wait for the free space bonuses to show up and avoid having to spend loads of money on excess free space.

There are always three active missions at a time in this game, and when you complete one, you’ll win a reward for doing so, and a new mission will pop up. You’ll get coins, free card packs, stars, and more by completing active missions. These are also your closest thing to a straight progression path in this game, as generally, your progress will be non-linear and will depend on the needs of your city.

Change your transports based on the needs of your city, as well. If you have a ton of people and not enough transport for them, build more buses and other passenger vehicles. If you have a lot of cargo that needs to be delivered and not enough trucks, build more trucks and other cargo vehicles. You can swap out vehicles at will, and when you remove a vehicle, you’ll be refunded the cost of the vehicle.


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