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Downtown Showdown – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Downtown Showdown is a new city building game for the iOS and Android platforms by Colopl that also adds a combat element a la Clash of Clans. Your goal is to build the biggest and richest city, out-earn and out-fight your rivals, to win the in-game reality show of the same name. Read on for some tips and tricks for Downtown Showdown!

Building the city itself is fairly straightforward – you just have to make sure that you have enough wood and other resources to match your abundance of coins, especially as you max out on commercial buildings. The more of the commercial buildings you have, the more coins you earn overall.

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When you hit 2000 population, you will be able to send your troops into other players’ cities and ransack the hell out of them. For awhile you will be able to do this with complete impunity, so enjoy it for as long as you can, and especially only against level 11-12 players. At a population of 2,500, emergency buildings will unlock, which act as the defense for someone’s city.

As soon as you hit that population level, build yours, and spread them out so that they have coverage over all of the buildings in your city. Make it slower going for your rivals, too, by changing the layout of your roads so that they are more confusing, take longer to cross, and ideally so that they cause opponents’ attackers to run in front of the emergency buildings for awhile.

Purchase expansions so that you can buy more buildings and so that you can build roads which lead to the outlying ruins. Once you hit specific experience levels, you will be able to repair them; in addition, other goodies, such as mines, will open up as well. You and friends will be able to help each other out as far as using or repairing them, and if you have no friends, you will be able to benefit from randoms.

You can do nearly endless upgrades to your houses and other buildings in this game, but if you want to upgrade the houses constantly and keep them coming, be sure to upgrade all of the nearby parks ans assorted similar facilities too, as these will provide a percentage bonus in population, and a rather high one at that. Make sure the parks touch the largest area possible.