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City Island Tips and Tricks Guide: Cheats, Hints, and Strategies

City Island is a brand-new city building game for the iOS and Android platforms. The gameplay will be familiar to anybody who was a fan of the original SimCity games. Your goal is to build up your city, get residents, make money, and do it all over again, expanding your territory when you no longer have any room to build. Read on for some tips and tricks for City Island!

Normally, you have to wait for various things to be completed, such as construction, or for your buildings to make money. However, you can skip the waiting entirely if you set the time ahead on your phone or tablet. Set the time had by however long it takes for your longest job to complete. Then go back to the app and everything will be done.

Better yet, if you go back to the date and time afterwords and set the time back to normal, every gain that you made using the time she will still be there. All of the money that you earned will still be there, and any building that you completed construction on using that cheat will still have their construction completed on it.

Always check your quests to see what you have to do in order to improve your city. Your quests will show up as icons on the left side of your screen. If you have completed the quests, you automatically earn all of the available rewards for that quest. If not, you can tap on any one of the icons and you will see what you need to do it over to finish the quest.

If you run out of room to build a commercial building on, but you still need to find employment for all your residents in the city, start upgrading all of your commercial buildings. Each upgrade that you do will increase the amount of employees that you can have inside of a commercial building, so with enough upgrades, you can employ everybody in your city.

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Each of your buildings needs to have a street connected to it in order to function, but all of the streets do not need to be connected together. You only need one street tile to make a building function, so you can build one street tile and connect for buildings to it and they will all function.