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SimCity BuildIt: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategies

SimCity Social wasn’t such a great success, but EA and Maxis are trying the free to play formula again with SimCity BuildIt, moving their idea from Facebook to the iOS and Android platforms. It comes with some of the f2p trappings of their first attempt at this genre, but nothing quite like the other one, as SimCity BuildIt provides a much different gameplay that sticks a little closer to its roots. Read on for some tips and tricks for SimCity BuildIt!

Earning Simoleans is majorly necessary in this game because without them, you can’t build anything at all. There are three ways to earn Simoleans. One way is to build and upgrade your residential buildings. With every upgrade, you earn a reward, and you add population too, which makes the second method, collecting taxes from City Hall more lucrative. You can also sell stuff to MegaCorp, though that doesn’t earn much.

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Keep a good number of factories around so that you can produce goods before you actually need them. Keep them a good distance away from the residential districts, though, at least enough so that they won’t affect the housing prices much, or at all. The more expensive and upgraded your housing is, the more they are going to complain about being next to the factories, city storage, etc.

As far as the city services go though, your best best is to pay attention to what the people in your city are saying. Tap on the thought bubbles and other warning bubbles (which are usually a specific icon in orange) and look for what’s popping up in different colors in the city services menu as well. Ensure that your residents are happy and they will remain in your city. Build police and fire stations to keep your residents safe.

Whenever possible, build vertically rather than horizontally. Upgrade your residences to sky high levels. Wait for the right blueprints to come up, and if you don’t like the number of residents or Simoleons you earn from the upgrade, reject the blueprint and wait for another one.

To go with the above, whenever a factory becomes a liability, bulldoze it and rebuild it and it will become a bigger, more useful factory. Don’t crowd too many of them in one place or that area will have sky high pollution and possibly crime, but make sure that too many of your residences aren’t affected either by them.