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Tap Tap Builder – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Tap Tap Builder is a new game for the iOS and Android platform that combines the clicker genre with the city-building genre. Your goal is to build a big city full of residents, businesses, and money, as well as to manage the inevitable problems that pop up in the city. Read on for some tips and tricks for Tap Tap Builder!

Many games have a huge, long tutorial that takes you a long time to get through in order to actually get to the meat of the game. This is not one of them. Instead, many features become unlocked as you gain levels. To get these features, build the buildings that contain them. For example, the theater lets you watch ad videos for bonus currency, and the gym allows you to restore your energy.

If you are playing on an iPhone, you’re generally going to be relegated to tapping with one finger at a time, unless you have small fingers and play on a Plus phone. If you play on an iPad or other sort of tablet though, you’ll be able to use multiple fingers to tap, which helps you double the speed at which you can earn currency, fix problems, and other things.

Unlike most city builders today, but like the original SimCity games, disaster can strike while you are away from the game if you are not prepared. You’re going to need to build police, fire, and other such buildings in order to control the crime rate and stop disasters from happening. The larger your city, the more need you’ll have for these kind of services. If you come back to the game and your city has been destroyed by fire, you’re going to need to tap to repair each individual building.

It’s best to keep the number of jobs and the number of people in your city relatively equal. That’s not always possible or practical, though, but it’s better to have too many jobs and not enough people than too many people and not enough jobs. Unemployed people are a drain on the economy, but an understaffed building merely has slowed-down production.

Always be sure to keep an eye on the electrical power in your city. Build more power plants than you need so that you always have enough power. This will also help you have enough power to upgrade power plants, because when they are mid-upgrade, they won’t produce any power at all.

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