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Guide to Cosmic Colony for iPhone: Tips, tricks, cheats, hacks and strategies

Cosmic Colony is a new, very pretty-looking city builder for the iPhone and iPod Touch. In this game you play as a bunch of humans who have just landed on a foreign planet and are trying to set up a city in order to live and to make a living. This consists of building houses, decorations, mining buildings and places of business as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for Cosmic Colony!

Like a lot of city building games, this game uses “energy”. Almost everything that you do in the game costs energy, such as clearing debris or doing construction on buildings. When you run out of energy, normally you have to wait for it to return, though.

You can get free energy, though, by setting your device’s time forward in the main settings, and then going back to the game. You’ll have a full energy refill. If you then go back to the device settings and set the time back to normal, your energy will remain full, as well – it won’t reverse itself.

This trick can be used to do other things as well, such as to circumvent the time that you have to wait to collect money from a business, or mood points from a building. Simply set the time ahead, go back to the game, and everything will be ready to collect. Set it back to normal and then go back to the game, and everything will still be ready to collect.

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To maximize the amount of money that you collect from your businesses, move a business into a big empty area, and then surround it entirely with decorations. Collect from it and get the huge decor bonus. Then, move it out of the way and move another business into that empty area, and collect from it, and you’ll get the same decor bonus.

Many quests require you to build decorations in order to complete them. To complete these in the cheapest manner possible, go to your decorations menu and build roads, which costs 100 coins each. Roads count as decorations, so build them, and then if they are getting in the way, get rid of them later.

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