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Guide to Mouse Town for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Mouse Town is a new city building game for the iPhone with some battle and exploration elements added, as well. You play as a colony of mice who are trying to rebuild their town, and to do that you must explore new territory, build houses and increase your mouse population, and fight off the evil snakes that fill the unexplored areas and stop you from getting there. Read on for some tips and tricks for Mouse Town!

Building houses is an essential part of the game as you have to increase the mouse population in order to get anywhere. It’s cheapest to build the blue version of each of the houses that you unlock, so build that except for when building the other colors is required for a quest. If you are having trouble making room for all of your houses, consolidate your buildings as close together as you can, and delete the roads if you need to, since none of them matter for anything besides looks.

Don’t forget about earning money too, though. Build as many markets and other shops as you can fit into your territory so that you can keep the coins flowing in, and then when you unlock factories, build those too so that you don’t have to rely on clearing saplings and pebbles in order to get wood and stone.

Make the money come in even faster by setting the time on your phone ahead, and then going back to the app and collecting all of the money that you earn. Do that as many times as you need to, and you’ll still have the money when you go back to playing the game in normal time. Use the same time trick to speed up the completion of other stuff, such as building buildings or exploring a brand new territory.

Make sure to equip all of your mouse warriors, such as Arthur, with armor as well as weapons. Different armor and different helmets are unlocked at different levels, so always keep checking back to see what new stuff you have unlocked each time that you level up.