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How to play City Story Metro for iPhone: FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to City Story Metro, the second game in the City Story franchise for the iOS devices. In City Story Metro, the scenery reflects what time of day it is – if you play at night, it is night in the game, and if you play during the day, it is day in the game. There’s a ton of different buildings and other things that you can build and do in the game, but they can get confusing at times, and frustrating at others. That’s why this guide is here!

City Story Metro is all about growing your little town into a big city, and the way to do that (AKA build population) is by building houses. Houses, just like everything else that you will build in the game, are in the market tab, and each one that you build will add a predetermined amount to your population, which you will be able to see in the store before you buy it. You can build all kinds of residences, from little houses to apartments to lavish mansions. You will unlock more of them as you gain experience levels.

Businesses are your main source of income. You can collect income from houses, as well, but they take much longer to earn you taxes. Businesses need to be supplied with goods before they can produce income, though. Tap them when there is a picture of a box to supply them with goods, then when the picture of the coin appears, tap them to collect taxes from them.

Now how do you get goods, you ask? From industry buildings! Industry buildings such as greenhouses run on contracts, meaning that if you pay less now, you can wait a shorter time and collect less goods, but if you pay more now, you can wait a longer time, but collect more goods later on. At first, you can only build two industrial buildings; however, as you increase the population of your city, you will be able to add even more industrial buildings to your city.

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