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City Story Metro: Halloween Edition (iOS) Guide, part 2: More tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

Welcome to part 2 of the City Story Metro: Halloween Edition guide for iPhone and iPod Touch. Click here to go back to part 1 of the City Story Metro: Halloween Edition strategy guide.

One of the best strategies for earning a lot of coins can be executed after you load up on friends via the process of adding people via Storm8 IDs, as was detailed on part 1 of the City Story Metro: Halloween Edition tips guide. Another good tip to add people is to look for other people who have said their city name to “(storm8) is my ID” or something like that, who make it blantantly obvious what their ID is.

Anyways, visit a ton of random people, and have a whole lot of neighbors. The visiting random people is so that they get notifications that you have gone to their cities. Make sure that your city has plenty of businesses and residential units, so that there’s enough for loads of people to tap all of the buildings in the town. Tap on any sparkling building in your town, and you’ll earn large coin bonuses.

Then, even before you have enough money to expand, go get some permits so that you have them for whenever you’re ready to do so. To do this, tap on one of the expansion signs. When the popup appears saying how many coins and permits you need, tap on the “Ask Friends” button and ask every single one of them for permits. Ask them once per day to get loaded up on permits.

Since this is the Halloween version of the game, there are plenty of new buildings, decorations, industries and businesses that you can build in the game that are Halloween-themed, in addition to the fact that you can grow pumpkins inside of the greenhouses. Try to use the Halloween-themed items as often as possible, because they tend to be less expensive and have more of the desired effect for whatever you’re trying to do with them (more goods, more coins, higher population, lower price, etc).