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City Story Metro: Halloween Edition (iOS): Get free gems and more coins!

Just like in the original version of City Story Metro, the Halloween Edition of the game has two different forms of currency. One of therm is coins, which are the primary currency and which can be used to buy most anything that you need in the game. The other one, however, is gems, which are the premium currency of the game, and are considered to be very rare and hard to get. Free gems are very elusive and difficult to come by, but like anything else, they’re out there.

There are two main ways to get free gems. One of them is to do some of the Halloween special quests and series of quests in the game. These will be quest that have something to do with costume parties or getting costumes for certain people. For example, the quest called “Claire’s… Costume?” is a difficult quest to complete, moreso than most of the other Halloween quests, but if you complete it, you will earn free Gems for doing so.

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The other way is to do any of the quests which require you to download another TeamLava game to complete, such as Restaurant Story: Halloween Edition. When one of these quests pops up, there will not be any outward reward for completing it. Instead, when you complete it, a very simple follow up quest will pop up, and when you complete the follow up, you’ll earn a rather sizeable gems reward.

One great way to get more coins is to do the following. First, load up your city with residences, businesses, and whatnot, as much as you can. Then go to the social menu and start visiting random people’s cities, trying to add people as neighbors, posting “add me” with your storm8 ID on their walls, and increasing your social rating as high as it can go (at least to level 3) so that you show up in more people’s “community” tabs.

Then, simply wait for the bonuses to begin rolling in. Tap your buildings every single time that you see one of them glowing (which will be very frequently). You’ll earn hundreds and thousands of coins this way, for very little goods spent.