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City Story Metro for iPhone: How to get free Gems and more Coins

There are two different forms of currency in City Story Metro for the iPhone and the iPod Touch, by TeamLava. One of these is gems. Gems are the premium currency of the game, and they are VERY difficult to come by, especially if you don’t plan on spending any real life money in the game (which is how you normally get gems). Coins are the main currency, and unlike gems, they are easier to get, but still difficult at times. Read on to find out how to get more of both!

There is one, and only one way to get gems in this game without paying any money. At some point, as you are making your way through the game, you will have quests pop up that require you to do something in a completely different game, such as reach level 7 in Monster Story.  These quests will give you no reward on their own for completing them.

However, once you complete them, a “follow up quest” will appear, which will require you to do something really, really easy. When you complete the follow up quest, you’ll earn a bunch of gems as a reward.

To get more coins faster, aside from completing quests, build as many houses and businesses as you can. Always make sure to keep your businesses supplied, so have as many goods as you can as well.

If you are sick of waiting for businesses to give you coins, go and set the time ahead by an hour or two on your iPhone and then go back to the game. Zoom in slightly, and start tapping on every building that is ready to collect from, as rapidly as possible. When either the loading screen (screen darkens, a cartoon car pops up) appears, or you level up or finish a quest and that congratulations screen appears, tap the menu, then double tap it and close out City Story Metro, then set the time back to normal, and then open the game back up. You’ll notice that all of the coins that you just collected will still be in your possession.

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