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Castle Story for iOS and Android: how to get free Gems and Energy

Castle Story is a new kingdom building game for the iPhone, Android and other iOS systems, such as the new iPad Mini. In Castle Story, gems are the premium currency of the game. Normally, you have to wait quite awhile for pretty much anything to happen, but gems allow you to significantly speed up the game by ‘cheating’ legally. Energy is required in order to do just about any action in the game, thereby making it arguably the most important thing to have in the game. Read on to find out how to get more of both!

There are a few ways to get more gems. One of them is to buy more gems using real money, using the App Store. However, if you are reading this article, then you probably are trying to figure out how to get more gems for free. One way to do that is to complete quests that come up that offer gems as a reward for completion. Go to the little notebook icon in the left corner of the screen to look for them. If there are currently none, then complete the other quests until the gem quests start to appear

Another way to do so is to wait for limited edition quests to appear that have to do with completing some sort of task in a different Team Lava game, such as Dragon Story or City Story Metro. Complete the quest once it appears even though you will have no listed reward. Once you do, a follow up quest will appear with a very easy task inside of Castle Story, and the reward for beating the follow up quest will be a large number of gems.

One way to get more energy is to set the time on your phone ahead. An hour or so is recommended. You will have a few minutes to spend it until the game catches up with the server, and when it does, the excess energy will disappear. Usually, though, you will get to keep about half of everything that you get.

Otherwise, aside from buying more energy using gems, there are two ways to refill your energy. One of them is to wait for your energy to restore in time. The other is to gain an experience level. Once you gain a level, you will get an energy refill equivalent to your maximum amount of energy, and it will be added to any left over energy that you already have.

Tara Mauk

Wednesday 29th of January 2020

Is there a way to recover your gems? If you make a mistake by hitting the touch screen multiple times, causing it to click on the gems to speed up the process for that task or whatever it may be for.