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How to play Castle Story for iOS (part 3): Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to part 3 of the Castle Story beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 2 of the guide.

Expansions can be purchased using coins and wisp lanterns, which can be crafted out of earth wisps. Each expansion square requires a different amount of coins and earth wisps, as well as a different amount of royal points. If you can’t afford one expansion, click on other expansion squares until you can find one that you can afford.

The way to further the story along is simply to complete the quests as they are given. If you want to skip over the story, though, then hit “skip all” as soon as the dialog box pops up. The dialog is not necessary to the game at all, and turning it off will greatly speed up the game.

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Castle Story has a strong social element, as well. Click on the Menu button and go to the social menu, and you will be able to visit random people’s kingdoms, as well as add people by their Storm8 ID. If you don’t have any Storm8 IDs to add, look in the game reviews in the app store, or try adding random people’s kingdom names, since many people make their kingdom name and their storm8 ID the same. If you go to a random person’s kingdom, you can complete up to three actions in one day, which will increase your social ranking. If someone goes to your kingdom and completes actions, then any building that they assisted will sparkle. Tap it, and you will earn a coin bonus.

You can also send gifts to people using the social menu, or, if you add neighbors by their storm8 ID and they accept you (or vice versa), you two will be able to request gifts from each other, such as news or resources. Also in the menu button is the “overview” button which allows you to check out your kingdom stats, or socialize with other people who have posted on your wall.

Use the “photo” button to take a picture of your kingdom, or check out the “help/faq” button for an even more detailed FAQ on the game, although most of it has to do with in-app and freemium purchases within the game.

That’s all for the beginner’s guide to Castle Story! Enjoy the game!