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Guide to Castle Story for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Castle Story is a new kingdom builder by Team Lava, the folks behind Dragon Story, Home Design Story and all of the other Story games. This one takes a page out of the book of games such as CastleVille, with the ability to increase your income, your royal points, your experience level and the size of your kingdom. As you go on it can get slower, but read on for some tips and tricks to help speed things up!

When you are doing expansions, you need certain items to be able to finish them up, such as wisp lanterns. You can either get them from friends or buy them with gems, but most people want to spend no gems, but also don’t have any friends who play and/or have a storm8 ID to be able to add friends and their kingdoms in the game.

To rectify this and make it easy to find friends, first, get yourself a storm8 ID and make it easy to remember. Then, go to your kingdom overview and change your kingdom name to “ADD: (Storm8 ID)” obviously putting your own actual ID in there. Then, go to the social menu and start visiting everybody that you can until you earn at least one social heart, but preferably at least two. Not only will you have an easy way for people to add you (your kingdom name) but due to the hearts you will be more likely to appear at the top of people’s community lists.

To regain energy or finish a task quicker, go to the settings menu on our phone or device and set the time ahead by an hour or two. Once you do that, go back to the game and start doing what you need to do as quickly as possible before the game syncs up with the central server and resets. Despite going back to the old energy level from before the cheat, most of what you accomplish before the game syncs up will be kept, such as chopping trees and collecting crafts from the workshop.

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