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Castle Story for iOS: How to get more royal points and coins

In Castle Story, two of the most important acquisitions are coins and royal points. Royal points are a way of ranking how ‘royal’ your kingdom is, but more importantly, they are necessary if you want to buy expansions for your kingdom. Coins are the primary currency of the game, and almost everything that you do in the game revolves around your ability to earn coins and spend wisely. Read on to find out how to get more of both!

There are three types of buildings and structures that can earn you more royal points. One of these is the wall decorations. These are the original items that you can buy to increase royal points, as well as the cheapest. They also offer the least royal points. Royal type decorations are better, but they also cost more coins than do the wall types. In addition, you can only unlock them starting at level 9, which is a long time to wait.

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Your best option is to start purchasing royal buildings from the shop and placing them around your kingdom. They are more expensive than the wall decorations, but they are worth FAR more royal points and take up far less total space than building up a massive amount of walls. These will be your best bet for earning enough royal points to unlock all of the best expansions.

There are many ways to get more coins, including getting them from the aforementioned royal buildings. The buildings that pay out the most coins per coins spent, though, are various residences. Farmhouses are the best of all, and earn you 70 coins every 10 minutes while costing only 500 coins apiece to build. As you continue to gain levels you will continue to unlock more houses.

The fastest way to gain coins is simply to put all of your effort into completing quests. Speed up your quest completion by maximizing the number of workshops that you have in your kingdom. Get rid of useless decorations such as walkways and cobblestone paths in order to make room for more workshops and other buildings in your castle.