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How to play Royal Revolt! for iOS: Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Royal Revolt for the iPhone and iPad! Royal Revolt takes the tower defense style of play and turns it on its head, instead putting you in the place of a young man who leads the army that is trying to destroy the towers and take over the kingdom. Your evil relatives are in control of the kingdom and you, the heir to the throne, are trying to take the kingdom back and unite it under its rightful crown. Read on for the beginner’s guide to Royal Revolt!

Royal Revolt’s gameplay is pretty simple. You play on a large number of stages, and on each stage that you play, you set out down the set path, breaking through obstacles that you find along your way, and defeating enemy troops who are coming at you, trying to stop you. When you get close enough to them, you’ll automatically start attacking with your sword.

In addition to the sword, you have a number of magical spells at your disposal, two of which can be equipped at the same time at any given time. You start off with a healing move and a sustained fire attack, which is strong against wooden structures. You’ll also unlock a stun attack, which stops enemies in their tracks, and a Hammerstrike attack, which is strong against stone structures. Even later on in the game, you will unlock a blade storm attack, which is strong against structures made of steel, and a shield move that protects your troops.

Summoning troops for the attack is your key to victory. While your attacks can be strong enough to take out a few enemies at a time, large crowds of enemies (and the destruction of the castle at the end of the stage) can get overwhelming. Your troops are the Knight, who attacks with a sword, the Archer who attacks with a bow and arrow, the Wizard who attacks with ranged magic attacks, and the Ballista who attacks with projectiles designed to destroy structures.

The complete guide to Royal Revolt!