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Royal Revolt 2 Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Royal Revolt 2 is the sequel to the smash hit reverse tower-defense game that had some of the best graphics on any iOS or Android game at the time that it came out. Royal Revolt 2 takes the series in a completely different direction with PvP gameplay and city-building, almost like Royal Revolt meets Clash of Clans. Read on for some tips and tricks for Royal Revolt 2!

You have many weapons at your disposal when you’re attacking other players, but they will be ineffective after awhile if you don’t keep them upgraded. Upgrade your Troop Academy and your Wizard’s Tower constantly, and use them to upgrade your troops, unlock new troops and to upgrade and unlock your new spells. The more trophies that you earn, the tougher the opponents that you will be matched up against, so it’s important to keep up.

Gold and food are your main resources. Your main way of earning both is in the battles, but you always want to earn more and more as time goes on, even overnight, so go outside of your main castle area to repair all of your farms. Repair your taverns inside of the city area so that you can earn more gold. The more you upgrade them, the more you will be able to collect. Make sure to keep upgrading your Treasure Storage and Silo so that you can hold those extras.

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Defensively, your main priority should be to upgrade the Castle Gate as high as you can. Not only will this increase its health and defensive capabilities, but you will unlock more of everything. You’ll be able to make your path longer, build more overall buildings, and build more barricades.

Use that longer path to make paths that drag on and on. Put barricades and defensive towers close together so that they can do high levels of damage on enemy heroes and troops, and slow them down and get them stuck. Upgrade your barricades and towers as high as you can to stop tougher enemies.

Want some free gems? Complete the achievements that are listed under the large trophy icon. Also, go to the store area and tap on “Free” and if you connect the game to Facebook you will earn 25 free gems.

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