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Royal Revolt 2: Defense Guide – How to stop other players from destroying your kingdom

Defense is just as important as offense in Royal Revolt 2. This is literally true, because there is nothing more frustating than building a huge stash of coins, then coming back and having had a huge chunk of them ransacked by a stronger player who has completely laid waste to your castle gate. A stronger defense can stop this from happening – or at least minimize the frequency of it. Read on for a guide on how to strengthen your defense in Royal Revolt 2!

The first piece of the puzzle is how long you can make your path. The idea is to make your path as long and convoluted as possible. At first you can’t make it any worse than you did during the tutorial, but as you upgrade the Castle Gate (which is the center of all your defense), you will be able to unlock more and more path squares. As you unlock them, continually reinvent your path to be longer and more convoluted than before.

The second piece of the puzzle is the defensive towers. Tap any of the pieces next to the pathway (as long as they don’t have ruins on them) in order to build up your towers. Again, the way to unlock more of them is by upgrading the Castle Gate. You can unlock new towers by upgrading the Inventors’ Workshop and by leveling up each tower not only in the workshop, but individually, after you place them down on the path.

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The third piece to the puzzle, of course, are barricades and obstacles, which can be built by tapping on the paths themselves, and yet again, you can build more of them as you upgrade the castle guard. Just like with the towers, you can upgrade them as a group in the Inventors’ Workshop, and then upgrade them individually after you place them in the pathways.

Finally, and this is one of the most often-forgotten upgrades, is the Castle Guard. You can only have one Castle Guard; however, the more you upgrade it, the more troop slots you unlock. Your troops take up a number of slots equivalent to how many points off of the summon bar that they cost in battle. Every time that you upgrade the Castle Guard, you add another potential wave of troops, and then after that, every wave can be upgraded so that you can add even more troop slots to it.

After that, there are loads of strategies that you can go for, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to defending your kingdom.

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