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Royal Revolt 2: Defense Guide, Page 2

One of the most popular and most effective strategies is to cluster your towers and barricades together towards the middle of the troop walk, so that you can slow down opposing troops and do the largest amount of damage possible. Barricades, in particular, are especially important as enemy players are always on a time limit. You can simply time an enemy out of earning three crowns against you, and oftentimes if they only earn two crowns or one crown against you, you’ll be the one to gain trophies. It’s recommended to space your barricades by one blank space (or spike strip) in between so that they don’t destroy multiple barricades at a time with spells.

You’ll be forced to space out your towers if you zig zag too much, so replace hairpin turns with wider turns in your path whenever you can; however, don’t worry too much about this if you don’t have enough gems to knock down all of the ruins. Instead, if you end up with left over tower spaces, cluster them (especially long range towers) around the castle. Not only will they massively distract enemy troops and cause them to risk timing out the battle, but the alternative is that they destroy your castle gate and leave the towers behind, which will also end up with them earning less than three crowns and possibly losing trophies to you for the battle.

An alternative and less practiced strategy is to space out your various forms of obstacles. This is best done when you have a highly-upgraded Castle Guard with fully upgraded waves, all of which are loaded with soldiers. The constant barrage of defense troops, towers and barricades almost always proves too much for an enemy that doesn’t use a scroll.

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Bomb towers work amazingly against big crowds of knights (which most other players) will use. Cluster multiples of them together for a high chance at destroying enemies RAPIDLY, but combine them with other towers as well (and barricades) to make it tougher to run and to pre-distract enemy troops. As you unlock better towers and blockades, though, replace your weaker towers with stronger ones, and replaces your barricades with blockades (which are much stronger).

See that tent at the bottom of your path? Tap it whenever you want and you will be able to test yourself against your own defenses. If you can beat your own defenses, you’re doing it wrong. You should have an extremely difficult time penetrating your defenses. If you can beat yourself, so can stronger players.

All in all, it’s mostly a numbers game. Increase your numbers of everything, and you’ll win.

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