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HonorBound: List of locations for Epic and Legendary Heroes, Page 2

Unknown hero locations, or heroes that cannot be captured due to a 0 percent capture rate:
Tundra Goblin Dead-Eye. Epic Archer. Can evolve 3 times.

Confessor Fela-Alshin. Legendary Cleric. Can evolve once.

Alshin Imperial Guard. Epic Knight. Can evolve three times.
Haven Guard Captain. Epic Knight. Can evolve three times.

Chosen Assassin. Epic Rogue. Evolves 1 time.
Badlands Drake. Epic Rogue. Evolves 3 times.

Badlands Brute: Epic Warrior. Evolves three times.
A’san the Tempest. Legendary Warrior. Can evolve once.

Archdruid. Epic wizard. Can evolve three times.
Marsh Goblin Wizard: Epic Wizard. Can evolve three times.
Danarius the Warlock. Legendary wizard. Evolves once.

Also, note that aside from capturing them in these locations, any one of them can be had at random by executing an epic summoning. A super summoning can earn you an epic or legendary with a LOT of luck. A basic summoning can earn you an epic or a legendary with the same amount of luck that it would take you to win the lottery twice, but it IS theoretically possible.

If you find any of the unknowns and capture them, post your location in the comments.

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