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Heroes of Dragon Age: How to get rare, legendary and epic heroes, energy and stamina

Heroes of Dragon Age isn’t a card battling game, but much like that genre which has so thoroughly permeated iOS and Android, you have multiple tiers of heroes, from common to uncommon to rare to epic to legendary. Energy is expended when you battle against non player characters in the questing mode, while stamina is used when you battle against other players. Read on to find out how to get more of all three of these!

Heroes unfortunately aren’t earned automatically via any kinds of bonuses. The only way to earn heroes is to buy the card packs. The recruit card packs mostly earn you common cards, but every so often you’ll pick up an uncommon card, and even a rare card will show up once in a blue moon. The warrior card pack, which can be purchased with coins, will earn you a guaranteed uncommon at minimum, and will sometimes earn you a rare card. The champion card packs will ONLY earn you rare cards or better.

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The ultimate card pack is the one that costs real-life money, and that will earn you a guaranteed epic with a chance for a legendary hero. Epic heroes are the ones which are the second rarest, while legendary heroes are the rarest. However, sometimes you can even find an epic or legendary hero using the other card packs. Theoretically, it’s even possible to earn an epic or legendary hero from a recruit card pack, although your chances of this will most likely be slightly better than your chances of winning the lottery twice.

To get more energy or stamina, you can do one of three things. One, wait for it to come back on its own (it takes ten minutes to regenerate one single energy or stamina). Two, you can pay gems to restore either your energy or your stamina. The third and final way to earn more of both is to gain an experience level. Once you gain a level, you will get an automatic full restore of your energy and stamina.

Make the most of what you have, since energy and stamina is expensive. Fight battles (against other players) that you know are winnable – these are the battles that will have gold bonuses of 120 or less. Start messing with your heroes and buying card packs once your energy and stamina run out. Don’t spend gems on energy or stamina when you are close to gaining a level, because the next battle can be the one to restore all of both.