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HonorBound – How to get rare, epic and legendary heroes

HonorBound is a new RPG by JuiceBox for the iOS and Android platforms. You have five different rarity tiers of heroes that you can get. Common and uncommon are very common heroes, and are the lowest two tiers. Rare heroes are the third tier, while epic and legendary heroes are the top tier. Read on to find out how to get all of the top tiers!

Rare heroes can be gotten from any of the summons, including even the basic summons (though this is a very rare occurrence). Super summonings have a much higher chance at earning rare heroes, while elite summonings will earn you rare heroes at minimum. All of these summons require various runes – either bronze runes, silver runes, or elite runes.

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Bronze runes are found very commonly in the dungeons, while the silver runes can be fairly rare to earn. Elite runes are earned only in the highest-tier dungeons, from the rarest treasure chests, or by attaining the top ranks in the Arena mode. The higher a rank you attain, the better the runes you will have a chance at earning.

For the epic tier, you can earn them with a lot of luck using the silver runes, and they can be fairly common coming from the elite summoning. Legendary heroes are very rare even from the elite summoning, but keep trying, especially if you have a lot of diamonds, and eventually, you will come across an epic hero.

Don’t forget about the capture function, too. When you find an epic or legendary hero (usually the last boss on a very tough stage), you will be able to capture them if you drop their hit points low enough, and even then, you will probably have to use capture over and over. Make sure you have plenty of healing items (and even better, heroes with healing magic) to be able to survive for long enough to use capture over and over.

These pop up only in certain dungeons usually (rare and epic are fairly easy to find, legendary not so much). Also, whenever one of the special event dungeons comes up, look for brand new epic and legendary heroes there, too, as they will most likely be more common to find there.