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Guide to Castle Story for iOS, part 2: More tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

Welcome to part 2 of the Castle Story tips and tricks guide! Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide.

If you don’t have enough energy to spare to cut down an entire tree or a rock outcropping, but you need to consolidate items in order to make space for a new building, then move the trees. You can move trees, rock out toppings and weeds just as if they were anything that you bought from the store. Unfortunately, you can’t sell them, though, so your only option to make them go away is to cut them down.

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To make more skunkupines appear in order to complete quests, simply start wasting energy and they will appear randomly. Do this by cutting down trees or digging up rock outcroppings.

Load up on farmhouses to earn a lot of coins quickly. Farmhouses are cheap and they each earn you 70 coins every ten minutes. If you don’t play too often, you can substitute cottages in instead, since they still earn 220 coins every 4 hours apiece. Certain royal buildings can earn a good chunk of change as well, but they cost a lot more for the income than regular houses do.

The best way to complete quests quickly is to maximize the number of workshops that you have, so that you can craft as many items as you want to. If you only have one or two workshops at a time, quests will take much longer to complete.

Every so often, you see a quest pop up with no reward listed for it, and the quest will involve you doing a task in some other game that TeamLava makes. There is a reward, though. If you download the game and complete this task, you won’t earn the reward immediately, but you will get another menial task to complete, the follow up being within Castle Story itself. Complete that second task and you will earn a huge amount of gems.