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Guide to Monster Story for iPhone: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Hints and Strategies

Monster Story is a new iPhone game by Team Lava, makers of such hit games as Dragon Story and Bakery Story, as well as the other games of the smash hit Story series. In this new addition, you get to raise a number of cute monsters ranging from blue blobs to tree themed dinosaurs, all the way up to hybrids and rare premium monsters, all on their own little island in their own habitats. Read on for some tips and tricks for Monster Story!

Early on in the game, it is very easy to run out of space to build, especially if you max out your habitats and then want to build an evolution totem later on. Clearing out the weeds such as the palmweed helps, but you can clear out even more spas by selling all of the cobblestone walkways that you start off with. Simply tap, then hit ‘move’, then hit ‘sell’ once it pops up, and do that with every single one of them. You will discover that you have a LOT more space than you originally thought you did even without an expansion.

Sick of waiting for big weeds to clear or for slow buildings such as the evolution totem to finish getting built? Simply go to the iPhone settings menu, then to the date and time and set the time ahead by however much time you need. For example, 6 hours is how long it takes to complete the evolution totem. Once you do that, go back to the game and see it as it completes. Then, go back to the date and time and set them back to normal. You can use this to collect coins rapidly too.

If you are trying to load up on the coins, max out your habitats by building more green glades. Green glades have a max capacity of 1500 coins. Then hatch 2 tree rexes for each one, grow a bunch of Spineapples and feed them to level 3 and watch the coins pile up en masse!