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Guide to Dragon Story: New Dawn for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Dragon Story: New Dawn is a new semi sequel to the original Dragon Story game by Team Lava! This game plays just like the original, even taking your old account and transplanting it into your new one if you were an original Dragon Story player. However, there are all kinds of new additions in this one, such as new graphics, new dragons and new habitats. Like the previous one, this game can get slow and difficult as you advance forth in it, but read on for some tips and tricks for the new Dragon Story!

It can be difficult to find friends in this game at first, so to make it easy, do the following. First, give yourself a storm8 ID. Then, go to the overview, and change the name of your island to “S8 ID (storm8)” or “ADD: (storm8)” or something of the like. Then, go to people’s islands until you increase your social rating to at least 2 eggs, or (if you don’t mind taking the time to do so) at least three eggs. The more eggs, the more often you will end up on other people’s random island list under “community”.

Not to mention, everybody who you help out will see you on their popup list once they log back into the game. In addition, try to add everybody whose island name looks like a Storm8 ID (for example, doesn’t sound like an island name, or mixes letters/numbers, or even sounds like gibberish), and post an “add me” request on people’s walls.

To expand down to the dawn tree, after doing the strategies above, ask your friends for more Mystic Maps (or just gift them all with Gold and have them gift it back to you) . Expand to all of the spaces on the your main island, then look at the island below the lower left corner of your main island, with the dawn tree on it, and the upper right spaces on that island will be available. At that point, just keep expanding ’til you get to the dawn tree.

The complete guide to Dragon Story: New Dawn!