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Pocket Minions for iOS: Guide, tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Pocket Minions is a new game for the iPhone, iPad. This game is a tower and kingdom building simulation game that puts you in charge of building a series of towers, putting you in charge of various minions in your castle, building more and more towers and more plots of land, slaying dragons and managing your people. It starts off easy and straightforward but it can become a lot to manage. Read on for some tips and tricks for Pocket Minions!

To speed up anything in the game, whether it be waiting for minions to produce coins and goods, or waiting to hire minions for a new room that you just built, go to the time settings in your device, then set them ahead by however much time you need (be it a minute, an hour, etc). When you go back to the game, the minions will be hired and ready to go, and anything else that you needed to get done, will be done.

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Any time that one of your minions is unhappy, drop them into one of the entertainment facilities, such as the Jester’s club, and they will become happy right away. Make sure that you have stairs built in every room in your tower, though, so that no matter where they’re from, they can get back to their original room.

After you slay the first dragon, the quests will stop giving you step by step instructions on how to do everything in the game. In addition, during the dragon battle itself, you might end up with ghosts running around your tower, scaring your minions. To get rid of the ghosts, collect materials for awhile from your minions, until you have enough of them to build a mage’s quarters. Then once you build the mage quarters and recruit mages, you will be able to get rid of the ghosts.

For future towers that you build, try to model them after the first tower (except with better houses that earn you more money instead of serf’s quarters) in order to ensure that you can continue getting all of the supplies that you need to build any floors and new rooms that you want to build.